Top Dollar Makeover Program

top dollar makeover programOur exclusive Top Dollar Makeover Program is ideal for sellers seeking the highest possible sales price for their house. Our Top Dollar Makeover Program enhances a property’s appeal through strategic pre-sale renovations and improvements, ensuring it draws the maximum market value. Personalized renovation plans are developed for each property, focusing on minor updates like decluttering and painting, or more significant changes such as kitchen and bathroom renovations. These improvements are carefully chosen to provide a return on investment and attract a top dollar sale.

The process is streamlined and financially manageable for homeowners. Century 21 Realty Specialists works with licensed contractors who work at wholesale prices, ensuring quality repairs and upgrades without financial strain. All renovation costs are initially covered by Century 21 Realty Specialists and then reimbursed at closing, easing the financial burden on homeowners.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, Century 21 Realty Specialistsmay,charge a project management fee for overseeing the process. This fee is agreed upon in advance with you, the seller, and is then discounted dollar for dollar by any commission Century 21 Realty Specialists earnsfrom the sale. The property is listed with Century 21 Realty Specialists,(post-makeover) to ensure effective marketing by leveraging Century 21 Realty Specialists’ expertise to attract the right buyers, and secure a Top Dollar sales price.

For more information speak with a Top Dollar Makeover Specialist* in your area.

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*All Specialists are New York State Licensed Real Estate Agents.